Wednesday, November 21, 2007

100 Things I'm Thankful For

My wife
Digital cameras.
Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with the vanilla clusters.
Our house.
Reruns of The Office.
All things Derek Webb.
XM Radio (so I’m not forced to listen to local yahoos talk about how much they love/hate/don’t understand/are frustrated with Tennessee football.)
The changing of leaves in the fall.
My cat Lucy.
Mom and Dad.
Famous Amos Oatmeal Macaroon cookies.
Friendly neighbors.
People in the media who have the guts to tell the truth (i.e. Glenn Beck and Colin Cowherd.)
Another actor running for president (Fred Thompson).
Summertime sunsets.
Reading poetry.
Writing poetry.
Stephen Dunn’s poetry.
The Atlanta Braves re-signing Tom Glavine.
West Park Baptist Church.
That new Alicia Keys song.
Trash-talking between Tigers and Gamecocks.
Nick Ballenger.
Riding around with Kathryn.
Buttermilk Chicken from Aubrey’s Restaurant.
Yankee Candle Company.
Our small group.
Sunday afternoon naps.
Being from South Carolina.
Collecting baseball cards.
Online poker.
Sports movies.
Travis Phillips.
Getting to travel to places I’ve never been before (though I hate flying with a passion.)
John Mayer’s music.
Shopping for power tools because I actually need them now, where as months ago I had no use for them.
Dana Becker.
Football games in Death Valley (in Clemson, the REAL one, not LSU.)
Continually checking the weather forecast over the next few months for the possibility of snow.
Reading the rumors page on
Girls that can sing (i.e. Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Keyshia Cole,Sara Evans)
My wife’s beautiful smile.
Playing Tecmo Super Bowl STILL on my Nintendo (yep, still have it, from 1986).
Not ever having to comb my hair.
Stu and Arledge. And Lambeau Table.
Hearing new rap songs on the radio, and remembering the original song they stole the beat from.
Watching a game from the seats in Turner Field.
Soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their own lives for our freedom.
Pastors Sam Polson and Jack Underwood.
The Sharp Family (John, Christie, Bailey, Taylor, Nathan).
My in-laws.
Wearing sweaters.
Playing with other people’s children, but not having any of our own yet to have to take care of.
My ridiculous collection of books and cds.
Seinfeld reruns.
Doing yardwork with my wife.
The rare good driver in Knoxville.
Steve Bullington.
Discussing theology with people who show interest.
Handing out candy to our first ever trick-or-treaters this past Halloween.
Granny and Papa.
The fond memory of Justin Cope.
Listening to Mike and Mike in the morning every day during the work week.
Oliver Purnell, Clemson’s basketball coach.
McKay’s Used Book Store.
My job and the guys that work for me.
Annual bonus checks.
Being a Charleston Southern alum.
Getting to hold an English Bulldog puppy several months back.
The ceiling fan in our bedroom (we’ve never had one before).
Smell of fresh-cut grass.
Dr. Guerry and Dr. Martin.
Facebook and Myspace and the chance to connect with old friends.
Grilling chicken, hot dogs, burgers, pork chops, veggies, bananas, just whatever.
Ricky Reyes.
HDTV and a DVR box.
Listening to Metallica in the garage while doing work.
Everything Playstation.
Pigskin Prep Message Boards.
Mom’s macaroni and cheese.
Having dad help me do things around the house.
Fantasy football (even though I suck at it).
Our vacation to Destin in August.
Getting to overeat on Thanksgiving.
Drinkwater, Ledford, and Backstreet (and all other former roommates).
Talking about sports 24/7 with anyone who will listen.
Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”.
Saying the first few lines of “Irreplacable” by Beyonce whenver giving directions to someone. To the left…to the left…everything you own in the box to…well, you get it.
The early season success of the Charlotte Bobcats.
Road-tripping to Chapel Hill with Trav.
Pick-up games of basketball, as rare as they may be.
Getting to ignore stupid Facebook applications people send me.
Jon and Cristin Wetherbee.
Sweet tea.
My wife’s willingness to love me regardless of how much of a jackass I am at times.
Christmas music.
My relationship with Christ, and His unending love for me, despite my failures, deceit, and sin. His desire to be with me regardless of the person I am. His grace, mercy, compassion, and patience.

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The Ballengers said...

that's right...and i'm tahnkful for you!